We make plans and God laughs. Isn’t that the saying?

The beautiful baby you see here was not planned.

Mom had an inkling that she was pregnant and took the home test. Surprise – she was just about two weeks along – and she first turned to her brother for help. He offered to pay his sister to get an abortion – “not just pay for the abortion, but actually pay me to abort the pregnancy”, Monika relayed to us.

Mom was scared but she did not want an abortion. She needed help  and went to the Internet . There, she found the Center and, along with it — a group of women to walk with her into motherhood.

 “I discovered the Pregnancy Center when I Googled ‘counseling for pregnant women’. My baby’s dad was suffering from his own serious challenges and had been admitted to the hospital. I was lost as to what to do or where to turn for help,” Monika remembers.

From the parking lot of the Center, she called and spoke with one of our client advocates, who welcomed her to come inside. “She listened to my story for a long time, and referred me to counseling,” which Monika attended for free with the Center’s volunteer, licensed clinical social worker. 

She also was invited to the Mom-to-Mom support group and started participating in the Center’s Earn While You Learn program, where Monika gained childbirth, pregnancy, and parenting knowledge (as well as points to spend on baby stuff)!

“After that first day, I returned to the Center just about twice a week until the day Izzy was born; earning points and creating relationships and finding confidence in myself and my upcoming future as a momma.” 

“Many times, I have reached out to [client advocates] Kelli, Megan, and [breastfeeding consultant] Betty for help, (especially with nursing questions), and have always received prompt and encouraging responses.”

In addition to the emotional support and community Monika has found, she says that the clothes, diapers, layette (and so many other things) have taken such weight off of her shoulders and aided her in the beginnings of her journey with Izzy.

“The Center was, and still is, my comfort zone – where I feel safe and supported.” 

Monika and Izzy are incredible, beautiful people  who have filled the Center – and the other moms here – with hope and joy. We are blessed.